Whatever the purpose might be- whether it be new construction, fixing deterioration, home improvement, or anything else; rest assured knowing that at Ricky Construction Inc, we get the job done. We offer our construction services filled with excellence.


Give your home a solid foundation with our services. By acquiring our paver services, you will experience benefits such as easy maintenance, affordability, long-term cost efficiency, and much more! Let your property experience the excellence we deliver at Ricky Construction Inc.

Retaining walls

At Ricky Construction Inc, we offer a variety of services for the different areas within your property and that includes your greenery. Through our retaining walls services, you can now protect against erosion, hold back unstable soil, prevent the ground from washing away, add more function to your greenery, and much more.


Beauty isn’t limited to only one area of your home. Thanks to our patio services we can build and create the patio of your dreams. Having a patio allows you to extend your living space, increase your property value, improve your home’s aesthetic appeal, and more.


Acquiring tile services is one of the best investments. Why, you might ask? The answer is simple, tiles are the best option because of the many benefits it offers such as their extreme resilience, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, water resistance, eco-friendly, durability, variety in tile designs, and so much more.

Other Services:

- Decks
- Patios
- Tile
- Stucco
- Concrete
- Demolition
- House Cleaning
- Carpentry
- Painting

We Cover than 150 Miles Around Pennsylvania, Norristown